LaunchPort releasing AP.3 sleeve for juicing your new iPad the inductive way

LaunchPort is finally releasing a sleeve for the new iPad, which makes it compatible with the company’s inductive charging gear. It goes on sale in September for a hefty $149, and of course, you’ll also need at least one $199 tabletop or wall mount to connect it to. The sleeve also works with the iPad 2, and if you’re thinking about getting one, be quick — it’s only a matter of time before resonance charging renders inductive juicing a little passé. Show full PR text LaunchPort offers Futuristic, Inductive Charging Solution for The new iPad with the AP.3 Sleeve Creator of the world’s first inductive charging and mounting system for iPad releases its AP.3 Magnetic Sleeve for The new iPad and iPad 2 SAN CLEMENTE, CA (August 29, 2012) – LaunchPort, creator of the world’s first inductive charging and mounting system for the iPad, has just announced its new AP.3 magnetic sleeve for The new iPad and iPad 2. The AP.3 Sleeve fits snugly onto your iPad, allowing you to magnetically mount it to LaunchPort’s base station and wall system as well as most metallic surfaces such as refrigerators or work benches. The inductive charging system begins working as soon as the AP.3 sleeve is connected to a Wall Station or Base Station. At the crux of convenience, LaunchPort’s cable-free mounting and charging solution for the iPad eliminates the need for disorderly wires and plugs while also keeping the iPad accessible, fully-charged and mounted in an ideal angle and location at all times. “As iPads become commonplace in the modern, technological home, it’s becoming more important that we keep the iPad conveniently close by and charged,” said Derick Dahl, LaunchPort product manager, “LaunchPort’s inductive charging systems are the perfect addition to the home for people who frequently use battery-intensive iPad applications such as music streaming services, cooking apps, home automation, social media networks and television streaming services.” The AP.3 Sleeve is ergonomically designed with comfortable hand grips on each side, contouring to fit and work with The new iPad and iPad 2. Using a strong magnet system, the AP.3 Sleeve securely attaches to the base station or wall station, while also making it easy to mount and dismount the iPad when needed. While mounted, users can rotate the AP.3 sleeve 360 degrees for multi-purpose use, making it convenient to use the iPad in either portrait or landscape views. The new AP.3 Sleeve is available for $149 in gloss white or black. The sleeve, wall station and base station are sold separately and will b419论坛_上海419论坛_新上海419龙凤e available online at www.LaunchPort.com. For more information on LaunchPort, its new AP.3 sleeve and inductive charging systems, please contact Lindsay Stuart at lindsaystuart@maxborgesagency.com or 305-374-4404 ext. 149.


LG’s 55-inch OLED TV enters the third dimension, we slide on our glasses (hands-on video)

We first saw LG’s 55-inch OLED TV at last year’s CES, where it drew a fair share of oohs and ahhs at the company’s press event. In May, the tentative pricing info for the European market was released, but this set’s future in the US remained TBD. Fast forward to IFA 2012, and we’re in front of this giant again — but this time, it’s sporting 3D. True, at 55 inches, it’s no goliath compared to the 84-inch TVs we’ve seen this week from Sony, Toshiba and even LG, but the company claims this 55-inch model is the largest OLED HDTV available, and its carbon fiber backing and ultra-thin 4mm profile are certainly the markings of a high-end setup. During LG’s booth tour today, we had a chance to sneak a peek at the now 3D-capable set, which otherwise looks quite similar to the version we saw at CES, albeit with a bit more polish. In order to achieve a 4-millimeter profile, the set packs all of its connectivity in the base module. There’s also an Invisible Connection module on order, which hooks up to the TV through a proprietary optical connector and transparent cable, should you wish to mount the display on your wall. Naturally, 3D content wasn’t as sharp as its 2D counterpart, but the OLED looked great regardless. With its ultra-thin design, it’s surely meant for consumers who care about aesthetics perhaps even more than image quality, but if you can stomach the €9,000 price tag, this is one fine get. Take a closer look in our gallery just below. Follow all of our IFA 2012 coverage by heading to our event hub! Gallery: LG 55-inch 3D OLED TV hands-on | 7 Photos 7 +3 419论坛_上海419论坛_新上海419龙凤 Zach Honig contributed to this report.


Class guides and resources for Mists of Pandaria

In the interest of providing a fast, easy-to-use resource for every class, we’ve gathered up our favorite guides, best lists, and most relevant posts into a convenient list. Check back often, because we’ll keep these resour419论坛_上海419论坛_新上海419龙凤ces up to date throughout the last days of the Cataclysm and deep into the Mists of Pandaria.Check back as we add more guides, more resources, and the best links. If your favorite is missing, we’ll be adding it soon.Death knightGlyphs round-up (and more!)PvE frost knights in Mists of PandariaPvE blood death knightsUnholy death knights by Icy VeinsDruidCat and moonkin talent walk-throughCat and moonkin talent walk-through, part 2Guardian druid enchants, mods, gems, and buff itemsRestoration druid enchants, mods, gems, and buff itemsResto druids by Icy VeinsPatch 5.0.4 for balance and feral druidsPatch 5.0.4 for guardian and restoration druidsVideo guide for PvP Boomkin and more (warning: language) HunterHunters in patch 5.0.4Racials in MoP and beyondRare tames in Mists of PandariaBeast Master DPS guideMarksmanship guideSurvival guideMageMage damage rotations in 5.0.4Preview of mages in patch 5.0.4Mage glyph guideMage talent specsMonkBrewmaster guideMistweaver guideWindwalker guidePaladinProtection paladin guideRetribution paladin guideHoly paladin guidePriestHow to priest in the Mists of PandariaDiscipline guideHoly guideShadow guideRogueAll-in-one guide to roguesShamanEnhancement shamanResto shaman in 5.0.04What to expect when you’re enhancingWarlockCore summary for patch 5.0.4What you need to know about grimoires and demons: your pet guideWarriorWarrior general basicsFury warrior 101Arms warrior 101Protection warrior 101It’s open warfare between Alliance and Horde in Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft’s next expansion. Jump into five new levels with new talents and class mechanics, try the new monk class, and create a pandaren character to ally with either Horde or Alliance. Look for expansion basics in our Mists FAQ, or dig into our spring press event coverage for more details!


Red Johnson’s Chronicles returning on PSN, XBLA, and PC

The sequel to the PSN murder mystery Red Johnson’s Chronicles will appear on PSN, XBLA, and PC, thanks to a distribution agreement with Namco Bandai. Namco will publish the XBLA version of Lexis Numerique’s adventure game Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All, and Lexis Numerique will self-publish on PSN. The partnership is resulting in speedy work, as both versions will arrive in mid-September. Lexis Numerique will bring both to PC “soon.”The second installment sees the addition of a new help system and, according to the developer, improved motion-capture based animation. Gallery: Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All (PS3, Xbox 360) | 10 Photos 10 419论坛_上海419论坛_新上海419龙凤 +6 Show full PR text NAMCO BANDAI GAMES AND LEXIS NUMERIQUE PARTNER TO DISTRIBUTE “RED JOHNSON’S CHRONICLES – ONE AGAINST ALL” ON XBOX LIVE ®ARCADE LYON, FRANCE – August 13, 2012 – Leading publisher and distributor NAMCO BANDAI Games and game developer Lexis Numérique today announced a worldwide distribution agreement for Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The game will also be released on the PlayStation®Network, published and distributed by Lexis Numérique. The new installment in the Red Johnson series is a puzzle-based investigation game set in a noir universe with dark humor. Taking on the role of detective in Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All, players will have to use their brains as well as many tools in-game to analyze crime scenes and question witnesses. The first iteration of the series, Red Johnson’s Chronicles, was launched only on the PlayStation Network to critical acclaim. This opus continues to feature our hero – Red Johnson – in a totally new investigation available for both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360. In addition to a new storyline, a new help system has been implemented and motion captured animations have been enhanced. With its totally unique design, Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All will provide gamers with more than 8 hours of fun. “We are proud to publish such an original game and support the talented development studio Lexis Numérique,” said Olivier Comte, Senior Vice President, NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S. “We believe it is important to promote a variety of quality titles and Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All is a unique game that will appeal to many players.” José Sanchis, Lexis Numérique’s CEO, is also very enthusiastic about the partnership with NAMCO BANDAI Games: “We always try to build long-term relationships with our partners, and NAMCO BANDAI Games is definitely one we trust and respect. We believe we have strong complementary assets that reinforce our common will to be among the top online entertainment players.” Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All will be released on Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 and the PlayStation Network mid September 2012. Red Johnson’s Chronicles and Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All will soon be available for PC.


Around Azeroth: Give up and reroll

OK, who gave the Lazy Peons laser rays? I mean, you can’t really blame them for wanting a little revenge, considering that they were the kicked puppies of World of Warcraft for years before their sudden and mysterious disappearance, but there’s no excuse for letting untrained narcoleptics get their hands on weapons of mass disintegration. Now the local quest givers have to spend the rest of the day sweeping up piles of blue pixels. (Thanks to submitter Christopher for the screenshot!) Gallery: Around Azeroth 3 | 796 Photos 796 419论坛_上海419论坛_新上海419龙凤 +792 Want to see your own screenshot here? Send it to aroundazeroth@wowinsider.com. We strongly prefer full-sized pictures with no UI or names showing. Include “Azeroth” in the subject line to ensure your submission dodges email spam filters; if you’d like to be credited, also include your name, guild and realm.


Samsung Galaxy S III gets Quick Tap mobile payments system from Orange and Barclaycard, works with most UK bank accounts

We’ve barely heard from Orange’s Quick Tap payments system in over a year, but now the UK phone network has decided to dump the underwhelming Tocco Lite and add its mobile payments service to the NFC-capable Galaxy S III. Tying into any British MasterCard, Visa, Debit or credit card, you’ll be able to pay up to £20 from your account without the need for PIN entry. New users on Orange SIM-toting Galaxy S IIIs will also pick up a 50 quid bonus when they activate the feature, which kicks off this Wednesday. Check the press release below for all the details. Show full PR text Orange and Barclaycard announce first Quick Tap Android Smartphone with the Samsung Galaxy SIII · Orange Samsung Galaxy SIII to be the first Android device to feature Quick Tap contactless payment technology · New and upgrading customers taking the Orange Samsung Galaxy SIII from 5th September will be able to load money securely onto their handset using any UK MasterCard, Visa, Debit or Credit Card · New and upgrading Orange Samsung Galaxy SIII customers who activate the service between 5th September and 5th October receive £50 to spend free Orange and Barclaycard today announced plans to launch the first Android smartphone compatible with the Quick Tap contactless payments service. From the 5th of September, new or upgrading Orange Samsung Galaxy SIII customers with a UK MasterCard or Visa card can now use Quick Tap, enabling them to make mobile contactless payments nationwide. From 5th September, Orange customers who take out the Samsung Galaxy SIII from Orange Shops, Orange telesales and via the Orange web site will be able to use their handset to make convenient and secure contactless payments of up to £20 by simply tapping their phone on the payment terminal at tills across the country. Getting up and running simply involves downloading an app and activating the secure Barclaycard service. Customers who act419论坛_上海419论坛_新上海419龙凤ivate the service between 5th September and 5th October 2012 will also receive £50 free to spend using their phone. Simeon Bird, Director of Propositions, Orange UK, said: “We are really excited to be launching Quick Tap payments on one of the most popular smartphones of the year. Contactless mobile payments are a secure and convenient alternative to cash and cards and we are pleased to be the first network brand in the UK to offer its customers such an innovative service.” Tom Gregory, Head of Digital Payments, Barclaycard, added: “Barclaycard is committed to making paying for things faster, safer and easier. With the launch of Quick Tap payments on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Barclaycard is bringing a safe and secure new way to pay to customers of all UK banks. Mobile payments are safe and have a full fraud guarantee and we’ve seen ever growing numbers of people using contactless to make quick and secure payments of up to £20.” The Samsung Galaxy SIII with Quick Tap will be available from Orange shops, www.orange.co.uk and via Orange telesales from 5th September 2012 on Pay Monthly plans. For £36 a month customers will receive unlimited minutes, texts and 1GB of data.


Refresh Roundup: week of August 27th, 2012

Your smartphone and / or tablet is just begging for an update. From time to time, these mobile devices are blessed with maintenance refreshes, bug fixes, custom ROMs and anything in between, and so many of them are floating around that it’s easy for a sizable chunk to get lost in the mix. To make sure they don’t escape without notice, we’ve gathered every possible update, hack, and other miscellaneous tomfoolery we could find during the last week and crammed them into one convenient roundup. If you find something avai419论坛_上海419论坛_新上海419龙凤lable for your device, please give us a shout at tips at engadget dawt com and let us know. Enjoy! Official Android updates Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Ice Cream Sandwich is now available as an OTA update for models of this tablet specific to Bell, Rogers and Telus in Canada. [MobileSyrup] Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE: Bell’s smartphone — essentially the Canadian version of the ill-fated Skyrocket HD — is now eligible for an update to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4). [MobileSyrup] Unofficial Android updates, custom ROMs and misc. hackery Motorola Xoom WiFi: The Xoom may have already received its update to Jelly Bean, but Motorola’s not done with this tablet just yet. The manufacturer is already inviting members of the Motorola Owners’ Forum to help test a new software release. [Android Central] Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note (AT&T) and T-Mobile myTouch Q: Nightly builds of CyanogenMod 10 are now available for Samsung’s original Android tablet, AT&T’s super-sized smartphone and the budget-oriented QWERTY slider from T-Mobile. Though still in relatively early stages, CyanogenMod 10 provides an excellent means to upgrade to Android 4.1. [Android Police 1, 2] HTC Thunderbolt: Many Thunderbolt owners are likely already aware that HTC missed its promised timeframe of July / August for the delivery of Ice Cream Sandwich. The manufacturer has since acknowledged the slip, and insists that it’s currently actively engaged with Verizon to make the update available for Thunderbolt owners. [Android Community] Refreshes we covered this week Jelly Bean makes a surprise appearance on Vodafone’s Samsung Galaxy S III LTE Android 4.0 now available for LG Optimus 2X… in South Korea, anyway T-Mobile’s latest Galaxy S II update silently removed ‘universal search’ feature HTC EVO 4G LTE update brings Android 4.0.4 and Sense 4.1, dash of improved data for good measure Huawei shows off early version of Emotion UI for Android, packs a ‘stock’ skin too (hands-on) Google Now update brings public safety alerts, lets sports fans manually pick teams and adds movie listings Jelly Bean pre-release for Verizon Galaxy Nexus now available from Google Samsung says Jelly Bean update coming to Galaxy S III and Note 10.1 ‘very soon’ Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 joins the ICS party with Android 4.0.4 update CyanogenMod releases SimplyTapp NFC payment app for CM9, launches CM9.1 Ice Cream Sandwich update won’t be coming to HTC’s Incredible S, says Bell Mobility Nokia rolling out Symbian Belle Refresh with new web browser, home screen widgets Mild-mannered Samsung Galaxy S II update brings Isis mobile payment support Samsung announces Drive Link, a car-friendly app with MirrorLink integration Jelly Bean hits original Motorola Droid for the same reason we climb Everest: because it’s there (video)


Microsoft confirms first wave of Xbox games for Windows 8

Been wondering what your gaming options will be when you first take a new Windows 8 PC or Windows RT tablet out of the box? Microsoft has confirmed today that its first wave of Xbox titles (as they’re now known) for the OS will include 40 games, 29 of which come from Microsoft Studios. Those include quite a few familiar titles like Angry Birds (and Angry Birds Space), Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, as well as the old mainstays like Solitaire, Minesweeper and Mahjong — anyone hoping for the likes of a Halo or Gears of War title are out of luck for now, though. As we’d heard previously, all Xbox games will be accessible from within the pre-installed Games app, and they’ll each boast most of the Xbox Live features you’d expect, including achievements and leaderboards. You can find the full list after the break, and Microsoft promises that more will be added “through holiday and beyond.” A World of Keflings Adera: Episode 1 Adera: Episode 2 Adera: Episode 3 Angry Birds Angry Birds Space Big Buck Hunter Pro BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Collateral Damage Crash Course GO Cut the Rope Disney Fairies Dragon’s Lair 419论坛_上海419论坛_新上海419龙凤 Field & Stream Fishing Fruit Ninja Gravity Guy Gunstringer: Dead Man Running Hydro Thunder Hurricane IloMilo iStunt 2 Jetpack Joyride Kinectimals Unleashed Microsoft Mahjong Microsoft Minesweeper Microsoft Solitaire Collection Monster Island PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX Pinball FX 2 Reckless Racing Ultimate Rocket Riot 3D Shark Dash Shuffle Party Skulls of the Shogun Taptiles Team Crossword The Harvest HD Toy Soldiers Cold War Wordament Zombies!!!


‘Just for Kids’ now available on the Xbox 360: Go, Netflix, Go!

Late last year, Netflix kicked off its plans to specifically cater the young crowd with its ‘Just for Kids’ entertainment section — which, at that point, was nothing but a mere experiment. Still, the toons-filled project quickly found success amongst subscribers, and shortly thereafter it had made its way onto other platforms like the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3. Today, the Xbox 360’s the latest gaming system to join the fun, as Netflix’s announced the kids-only section is now available on Microsoft’s popular console. Obviously you’ll need both a Netflix and Xbox Live account prior to entering the hub and start streaming some Go, Diego, Go! — otherwise all that’s left to do is download the updated app before you (or your kids) can check it out. Show full PR text Netflix “Just for Kids” Now Available On XBOX 360 Unlimited Instant Access To Large Variety Of Streaming TV Shows And Movies Picked Especially For Kids 12 And Under Now on XBOX 360 LOS GATOS, Calif., Aug. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) today announced the availability of “Just for Kids” on Xbox 360®, further expanding the availability of the section popular with kids and their parents. (Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20101014/SF81638LOGO) Netflix “Just for Kids” makes it easier and more fun for kids and families to browse and instantly watch a large selection of kid-friendly TV shows and movies. Since introducing the section in August 2011, Netflix members have watched more than two billion hours of kids’ titles. Now members who enjoy Netflix on Xbox 360 can select “Just for Kids” to enter an experience designe419论坛_上海419论坛_新上海419龙凤d for children 12 and under. Kids can click and instantly watch their favorite characters, including many they will instantly recognize from their favorite shows and movies. In addition to the character-based selection, “Just for Kids” displays rows of TV shows and movies organized by easy-to-understand genres such as superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs and girl power, featuring clear and simple descriptions of the plot of each title. Unique Netflix technology provides each member with a personalized “Just for Kids” experience based on taste and favorites. “As a parent of two, I can feel comfortable letting my kids browse and watch titles in the ‘Just for Kids’ section on our Xbox 360,” said David Watson, director of product innovation at Netflix. As always, there are never any commercials displayed on Netflix and independent ratings and reviews from Common Sense Media were used to make the selections. Common Sense Media is a nonprofit that provides independent, trustworthy ratings, reviews, and information to help parents make great media choices. “We believe that we can make all the entertainment you love even more amazing with Xbox. Using voice and gesture control with Kinect to explore ‘Just for Kids’ makes Netflix on Xbox 360 more personal and engaging for all audiences,” said Ross Honey, general manager, Xbox LIVE Entertainment & Advertising at Microsoft. In addition to Xbox 360, Netflix “Just for Kids” is available on PCs and Macs, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Apple TV and certain Smart TVs, Blu-ray players and streaming media players. Other devices including tablets are scheduled to follow this year. About Netflix With more than 27 million streaming members in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) is the world’s leading internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV programs. For about US$7.99 a month, Netflix members can instantly watch movies and TV programs streamed over the internet to PCs, Macs and TVs. Among the large and expanding base of devices streaming from Netflix are the Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 consoles; an array of Blu-ray disc players, internet-connected TVs, home theatre systems, digital video recorders and internet video players; Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as Apple TV and Google TV. In all, more than 800 devices that stream from Netflix are available. For additional information, visit www.netflix.com. Follow Netflix on Facebook and Twitter.


Sony unveils in-car receivers with App Remote, taps into your smartphone music from October

Sony has been big on smartphone integration for car audio lately, having already launched its MirrorLink receivers earlier in the year for the more well-heeled drivers among us. The company is bringing that mobile tie-in down to Earth through a new quartet of in-car CD receivers. The MEX-GS600BT, MEX-BT4100P, MEX-BT3100P and CDX-GS500R all bring in App Remote, which lets the faceplate buttons steer local music or Pandora streaming radio coming from Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Walkman devices paired through a Bluetooth wireless link. The old-fashioned USB connection is still on offer for these and the HD Radio-toting CDX-GT710HD, while the whole collection can graft on the optional SXV200V1 tuner 419论坛_上海419论坛_新上海419龙凤to carry the full Sirius XM satellite radio lineup. Differences across the line aren’t completely clear from Sony’s wording, although both the MEX-GS600BT and CDX-GS500R carry two USB ports as well as 5-volt RCA preamp outputs. You’ll be waiting awhile to slip any of these receivers into a DIN slot, regardless of which one you pick: the GS500R ships in October for $199, and the rest hit the shops in November for between $149 to $249. Gallery: Sony App Remote receivers | 4 Photos 4 +1 Show full PR text SONY FULFILLS DEMAND FOR ADVANCED SMARTPHONE CONNECTIVITY IN THE CAR WITH NEW ENTERTAINMNET SYSTEMS; CELEBRATES FIRST MIRRORLINK™ ROLLOUT IN THE US New App Remote Unifies Music and Smartphone Apps San Diego, CA – August 15, 2012 – Sony today introduced new in-dash CD receivers featuring Sony-exclusive App Remote technology, combining consumers’ car audio music assets and smartphone apps into a single source list that can be controlled from the car audio system or smartphone. With App Remote, it is no longer necessary to go back-and-forth between the car audio system and smartphone to access a favorite tune. Music information such as album artwork is displayed on the smartphone screen, while incoming text messages can be read aloud through the car’s speakers for superior driving convenience. In addition, today the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), an organization driving global innovation for phone-centric car connectivity solutions, congratulated Sony on the first successful launch of MirrorLink™ certified products announced earlier this year at CES. Available now, the XAV-601HD and XAV-701HD car stereos are the first to feature compatibility with MirrorLink, an emerging technology standard for controlling a nearby smartphone from the steering wheel or via dashboard buttons and screens. “Sony continues to lead the connected car era with state-of-the-art mobile audio technologies,” said Andrew Sivori, Vice President of the Personal Audio Group at Sony Electronics Inc. “Earlier this year, we were pleased to be first in bringing MirrorLink-enabled products to market. Now with the introduction of App Remote on some of our newest CD receivers, we’re paving the way for improved smartphone access and control, delivering a seamless driving entertainment experience.” Integrated Bluetooth® Technology Bluetooth® is built-in to the new MEX-GS600BT, MEX-BT4100P and MEX-BT3100P CD receivers, and each model features Sony’s App Remote technology. Bluetooth head units from Sony support a complete music streaming experience, allowing wireless playback, track control, and display of song information from Bluetooth enabled MP3 players or smartphones. The receivers also offer USB connectivity for Walkman®, iPod®, iPhone®, Android™, Blackberry®, and other compatible USB devices, with dual ports available on the MEX-GS600BT model. Sony continues to integrate control of Pandora® internet radio into new receivers. The Pandora-ready units let consumers listen to and control Pandora streaming content through connected iPhone®, Android®, and Blackberry® phones. Drivers will experience richer sound and customizable audio settings with Sony’s Advanced Sound Engine. The systems are also SiriusXM™ Ready, using the new SXV200V1 SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner Kit (sold separately, SiriusXM subscription required). The new SXV200V1 is the first SiriusXM Vehicle Tuner that receives an expanded channel lineup from SiriusXM with exclusive programming, providing more commercial-free music, sports, and comedy, including SiriusXM Latino, 20 channels of the most comprehensive Latin programming lineup available to radio listeners, featuring 10 exclusive commercial-free music channels. The MEX-GS600BT, MEX-BT4100P and MEX-BT3100P receivers will be available in November for about $249, $189, and $159, respectively, at Sony Stores, online at www.sony.com/car, and throughout the Sony Authorized Dealer Network nationwide. The MEX-GS600BT model, which features five-volt front/rear/sub RCA preamp outputs and a three-year warranty, will be available exclusively at specialty dealers. CD Receivers The new CDX-GS500R CD receiver features Sony’s new App Remote technology for iPhone, while the new CDX-GT710HD model includes HD radio technology and a dynamic color illuminator for different light effects. Both systems are SiriusXM™ Ready and work with Pandora® on the iPhone®. The new models include USB connectivity (with dual ports on the CDX-GS500R model) for Walkman®, iPod®, iPhone®, Android™, Blackberry®, and other compatible USB devices. Featuring five-volt front/rear/sub RCA preamp outputs and a three-year warranty, the CDX-GS500R receiver will be available in October for about $199 at specialty dealers. The CDX-GT710HD model will be available in November for about $149 at Sony Stores, online at www.sony.com/car, and throughout the Sony Authorized Dealer Network nationwide.